Complete Wireless Salt Spreaders

If you’re in the market for a brand new salt or sand spreader, buy one from SnowplowsPlus to have it delivered to your door preinstalled and converted to a wireless remote controller kit. Our Complete Wireless Salt Spreaders are exactly what they sound like. Choose between the major brands of salt spreaders we already sell including those from SaltDogg, Western, SnowEx, and Boss. Then locate the perfect spreader that is specific to your applications whether that may be a tailgate spreader or a vbox hopper spreader. It doesn’t matter if the spreader is gas powered, single electric, or dual electric operated. All of the salt spreaders found below come with our wireless salt spreader controller kits already installed ready for you to plugin to your truck or UTV. We’re the only place to offer universal wireless remote control systems for any brand, make, or model of salt spreader on the market today. Salt spreaders with wireless are for sale from Boss, Western, and SaltDogg.

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    WSW1000 – Swenson Gas Spreader Wireless Control Kit

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    WSW1000 – Swenson Gas Spreader Wireless Control Kit is used on specific Swenson spreaders which have the OEM plug shown in the image. Commonly found on OEM Swenson and Meyer spreaders. Double check before ordering that your spreader has this...

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