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Wireless Tow Lights and Trailer Lights

Tow lights and trailer lights are one of those accessories that you seem to always have to replace. Well, stop and buy your last light bar assembly from Control All Wireless. We have wireless tow lights and wireless trailer lights with a magnetic connection. Stay connected from up to 300 feet away with a constant connection to your new magnetic tow light or wireless trailer lights. With a variety of different connection options including 7 pin, 6 pin, 4 pin, and more, the possibilities for complete wireless light solutions are endless. Our magnetic trailer lights are super easy to install and literally take seconds of your time to make the conversion or install your new lights to your trailer.

Wireless lighting solutions specifically for tow trucks and trailers. You’ll find wireless tow lights, wireless trailer lights, magnetic trailer lights, tow lights, magnetic tow lights, wireless towing lights, and wireless tow light bars to complete your conversion.

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Wireless Tow Light Bar The 16″ Wireless magnetic tow lights can be used as a wireless trailer light solution, tow truck light solution, or any other vehicle with a 7-Pin RV or Round Pin, 6-Pin, 4-Pin flat or round, and hardwire transmitter connections. Easily provide a wireless connection of up to 300 feet for a solution to braking and stop lights, tail and running lights as well as both left and right turn signals. The Complete versatile and complete wireless tow and trailer lighting solution. **WILL NOT WORK ON 2015 and Up F150 or 2017 and up Ford F250-550**

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