Universal Snow Plow Wireless Remote Control – Straight Blade Snow Plow Controller


This universal straight blade wireless remote controller kit includes everything you need to convert your wired controller on your straight blade snow plow to a wireless snow plow with a wireless controller. Throw out all of your old controller wiring and that wired controller, even better, sell it for the price of this wireless unit, if not more in most cases. This kit only includes the wireless transmitter and wireless receiver for the snow plow, you’ll need to either buy our kit or come up with your wiring/components to fill in the rest of the kit. This will convert most straight blade snow plows on the market today and older models from Western, Boss, SnowDogg, Meyer, Hiniker, Blizzard, Fisher, and more into a wireless remote controller with distances of up to 500 feet!

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Universal Snow Plow Wireless Remote Control Kit – Straight Blade Snow Plow Controller

STRAIGHT BLADE SNOW PLOW WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL Snowremote – Straight blade snow plow remote control transmitter and receiver. Works with most brands of snow plows. Save hundreds on oem hardwired controls and wiring. Controls left right up down with float. glow in the dark keypad with boot and lanyard.

ControlAllWireless is provider of innovative wireless remote control solutions for hundreds of commercial and recreational 12V and 24 Volt DC applications.

From engineering, designing, and manufacturing of all solid state FCC approved transmitters and receivers, to troubleshooting and proving support around the clock, our team can provide the controller for your specific application.  If it’s a 12V application, we can engineer a wireless remote control system for you.

  • All receivers are potted and weather resistant with fly in leads.
  • Wholesale discounts available.
  • Our universal wireless remote controllers work on countless systems.
  • Operational range of up to 500 feet or more
  • Instant controlled device activation
  • 1 in 16 million address combinations
  • Up to 20 transmitters can be matched to a single receiver
  • Microprocessor address matching meaning no switches to set
  • Surface mount receiver with enclosure
  • 10 amp feet and relay solid state switching


Weight3 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in


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