Wireless Lift Gate Solution – Universal Wireless Remote Control

Wireless Lift Gate Solution – Universal Wireless Remote Control

Lift Gates on trucks would sure be a lot easier to use if they were wireless. We have done just that. Now, any of our wireless units are able to be installed in place of existing wired controllers for a seamless replacement with the exact same controls. The major difference is the 300′ feet of operational distance between you and the remote, promoting safety and efficiency.

We’ve all been in that situation where you have to back the truck a foot, get out check the lift gate placement, back up, check, rinse and repeat. Now, you can get out of your truck with your remote in hand and adjust on the fly with our universal wireless remote control system for 12v operated lift gates.

If you prefer a momentary function for lowering and raising your lift gate, which means it is activated when you hold the button down only, we have you covered. If you prefer a latching operating system where you would press the button once to activate and press again to deactivate the function, we have you covered.

ControlAllWireless is the wireless solution provider for any and all 12v application on the market today. Nobody beats our prices. Nobody beats our service. If you can dream it, we can make it wireless.