Gas Powered Salt Spreader Universal Wireless Remote Controller

Replace your OEM salt spreader controller with a wireless controller transmitter with this GASSPREADER kit. Convert your salt sand gas spreader to a wireless spreader in minutes. Replaces Meyer Part # 66190 wireless spreader controller as well as Swenson Wireless Gas Spreader controllers or any other gas powered spreader with an OEM wired controller. Wireless transmitter designed for gas engine driven de-icing equipment salt sanders. Can also be used on other engine remote control needs like start stop throttle up and throttle down spinner conveyor on and off. Transmitter has a rubber boot and lanyard with a glow in the dark label. Once installed, the wireless transmitter controls the salt spreader on and off, engine start and stop, throttle up and down. This unit is a very cost effective way to replace or convert equipment to wireless technology No more bulky, costly controls and wiring or corroded connections caused by salt damage. This unit will work with any engine driven salt sander such as Western, Henderson, Swenson, Meyer, Salt Dogg, Buyers, Downeaster, Snow-Ex, Boss.Unit has many other applications where the functions above can be applied to various applications Works with 12 DC Voltage.