Tow Truck Wireless Remote Controller Transmitter & Receiver

Tow Truck Wireless Remote Controller transmitter and receiver kits come with a programmable wireless transmitter with 15 momentary functions which allow you to setup the wireless remote controller any way you want. For tow trucks, flat beds wheel lifts. Includes an optional double pull function for all circuits. Large transmitter with large buttons ensure you won’t stuggle to find the button you’r looking for. Comes with decals and stickers you can assign to each button depending on the functions needed. Operates booms, wheel lift clamp and release, auger, lights, stabilizer legs, spades, bed tilt, extend and retract, engine start, stop, gates open and close and more. Includes the tow truck Wireless Receiver, 15 function handheld wireless remote, External antenna.Quantity discounts available

$599.00 $499.00