About Us

High Quality Wireless

Control All Wireless is a innovative provider of high quality wireless remote control systems. Our wireless remote systems are designed for thousands of 12 volt and 24 volt dc operations. We have the ability to engineer a control for our high end clients. All units are designed for years of operation. All circuits are pottede in a UV resistant casing to provide protection from the elements. Buy your last wireless control first is our motto.

Hold Up Through Weather

All units are weather potted and enclosed in a UV protective case. This means no matter what type of trecious weather you throw at our wireless unit, it can withstand. Rain, snow, sleet, extreme cold or heat; the wireless remote control units at Control All Wireless has seen it all. Tested in the most brutal Minnesota winters and cold to ensure you won't be left ``in the cold``.

Wireless Innovation with No Limits

Control All Wireless is a provider of innovative wireless control solutions for hundreds of commercial and recreational 12 volt and 24 volt DC applications. Our team engineers, designed, and manufactures all of the solid state FCC approved transmitters and receivers shown on our site. We can also provide controllers manufactured to meet your specific application and needs.

Our controllers can work at ranges from 100' to 500' and beyond

We always welcome questions, comments, and concerns. Feel free to reach out to us via email ([email protected]) or via chat (lower right hand corner) if you have questions regarding your specific application and use of our wireless remote control units.

Check Out Just a Few Applications Which Have Been Converted to Wireless With Control All Wireless

  • Cranes

  • Log Splitters

  • Wood Chippers

  • Small Engines

  • Generators

  • Pumps

  • Farming Equipment

Example Applications
  • Air Compressors

  • Dump Trailers

  • Towing Industry

  • Winches

  • Boat Lifts

  • Relay Control

  • Solenoid Control

Example Applications
  • De-Icing Equipment

  • Sprayers

  • Implements

  • Spreaders

  • Municipal

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Farm Machinery

Example Applications