About Us

Control All Wireless

Control All Wireless is the leader in industrial wireless controls for everyday jobs. We specialize in providing wireless controls for your existing wired controlled machines. From salt spreaders and snow plows, to tow trucks, LED lights, cranes and everything in between. If you have a 12V operated system which currently has a wired controller for operation, you can cut the cords and install one of our wireless controller systems.

Not only do our systems work, they will withstand any and all weather elements you throw it’s way. From extreme heat to extreme cold with rain and snow, Control All Wireless controller systems can perform when you need it most.

Promote safety and increase overall efficiency with our wireless controller systems. Instead of standing right next to or on top of the machine you’re operating, you can sit comfortably away from any moving parts with a keyfob in your hand controlling your machine.

With over 20 years in the DC wireless industry, you can trust Control All Wireless and all of our products perform, but exceed your expectations. You’ll never go back to a wired system again.


Fast Shipping

If ordered by noon central, your package will ship out the same day.

Save Big

With only 2 main components, you’ll save in the long run from replacing expensive OEM parts.

It Works

Tested in many industries and proven to work when the competition can’t keep up.