Terms & Return Policy


  1. Send detailed pictures of the installation of the receiver, battery power cord connections, power cord connection to receiver, etc.
  2. No warranty whatsoever on any anderson power cord alterations.
  3. Must return the complete unit with transmitter, wiring, and receiver for warranty consideration with the appropriate photos as described below.

CUSTOMER RESPONSIBLE FOR PROVIDING AN ACCURATE USPS UPS VERIFIED SHIPPING ADDRESS if the item comes back to us, you are responsible for additional re-shipping fees. Once tracking shows delivered, we are not responsible for stolen or missing deliveries. You will need to contact your local USPS or UPS terminal.

Limited Wireless Warranty. All Wireless Devices

  • Transmitters: Normal wear product 90 days
  • Receiver’s: 1-year limited

The number one failure of any wireless device is the failure to read and follow the instructions that come with your wireless unit. It is important to go through your guide and instructions in order to properly identify and connect your power and ground wiring to the units. You may need to seek the help of someone that understands electronics.

All units are tested before they ship. They work.

Note you must contact us for approval of any return. If you order the wrong unit change your mind etc. you will be subject to a 20% restock fee and a retesting fee. This is dueto the nature of electronics

Electronics – You must follow the directions. You can easily burn out a unit if you do not. You must take precautions to protect the circuits if necessary. If you are unsure how to install a unit for your specific application seek the help of someone that does.

We cannot provide application assistance other than the directions provided. We cannot know and understand your application via a email or phone call.

Burnt circuit boards, modifications to our units, are not covered whatsoever under warranty. Broken transmitter battery straps are not covered under warranty.  All units considered under warranty are tested. we will know if  a power wire was connected to ground or if a ground wire was connected to power. This voids warranty. The unit will only be returned at the customers expense.

After completing all troubleshooting steps on your end, as well as all directions read and followed, complete a warranty return by following the steps below: All information is mandatory. Claims will not be processed if any of the information is not provided. NOTE you must send pics of your installation for any warranty consideration. No exeptions.

  1. Contact us for return approval.
  2. Any alteration to original equipment voids all warranty.
  3. You must provide us pictures of your installation and pictures of each connection. If the photos are not provided there is no warranty consideration.
  4. You must email or supply us with a copy of your original sales receipt.
  5. Remove and package the unit with a copy of your original receipt and return to:
    1. Control All Wireless, (UPS or FED-EX Use)  809 Pacific Ave, Waverly MN, 55390 (USPS) Use PO Box 409 Waverly Mn. 55390
  6. All units are tested upon return to our shop. Allow 7 days for testing. You won’t be sent a replacement until the testing is complete. We will contact you via email with our findings

You may order a replacement unit via the website if you need an immediate replacement. If it has been found that the return unit is covered under warranty we will issue you a credit at that time.



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