Wireless Controller Accessories and Parts

Find replacement wireless transmitter and replacement wireless receivers for any and all Control All Wireless remote control kits. If you are having issues with spotty connections due to a steel enclosure, try our 2 foot antenna extension which screws into your existing wireless receiver to provide an even better wireless connection extension. Also find connectors and wires for our salt spreader wireless remote controllers and accessories you may want to add to enhance your overall wireless transmitter and wireless receiver functionality, specific to your application. Wireless Transmitter, Wireless Receiver Accessories and Parts. Find replacement parts such as replacement transmitters, wireless remote controllers, boots, lanyards and more.

  • 6 AMP DC Diode

    Item Code: #DIODE6
    Availability: 6 In Stock
    DIODE DC 6AMP 6 amp diode. For circuit protection on certain applications, we recommend 1 diode per circuit on the receiver. (If you have a 2 function remote you need 2 diodes…) Note Diodes help prevent any electrical current from...
  • 40/60A Sealed Relay DC

    Item Code: #RELAY
    Availability: 6 In Stock
    The 40/60A sealed relay kit works hand in hand with our wireless remote controller conversion kits for specific applications as needed. the Bueler 40/60A automotive type relay with sealed connections for outdoor use. We have tested many relays and these...
  • Control All Wireless Antenna Extension Cable 2 Feet

    Item Code: #antcable2
    Availability: 8 In Stock
    Antenna Extension Cable 2 Feet Control All Wireless Antenna Extension Cable 2 Feet 2 foot antenna extension cable, enables you to position the antenna for better reception. Commonly used on applications where the wireless receiver needs to be installed behind...
  • DC Bosch Throttle Arm Actuator

    Item Code: #bactuator
    Availability: 5 In Stock
    THROTTLE ARM ACTUATOR DC BOSCH BACTUATOR – Bosch 12 volt throttle actuator or for many other uses. 1-1/8″ arm movement.
  • Relay and Single Socket DC

    Item Code: #relay and single socket
    Availability: 8 In Stock
    Relay and Single Socket DC Hundreds of uses include- starter kills, dome light supervision, trunk release, polarity change,power door lock/actuator control, change a low current output to high current,add ignition/accessory outputs, control motors/other electronics, and more
  • DC Throttle Actuator Relay Kit

    Availability: 9 In Stock
    Actuator Throttle Control Relay Kit Relay kit and instructions to operate reverse polarity. Example actuators throttle actuator, reverse direction an smaller motors, hundreds of uses. Commonly used with our 2 function wireless units. Comes with a double relay socket and...
  • Reverse Polarity Trombetta DC

    Item Code: #RPC
    Availability: 10 In Stock
    Reversing Polarity DC Contactors provide a cost effective and simple solution for reversing polarity of permanent magnet DC motors. By integrating two DC Contactors into a single housing unit, Trombetta has eliminated many costly materials and streamlined final product assembly...
  • Tow Truck Wireless Remote Sticker Sheet

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    Availability: Out stock
    Tow Truck Wireless Remote Sticker Sheet
  • The SB50 Grey Anderson Plug is a 10 gauge kit which comes complete with 2 wire connectors and the plug itself. Please note, Red and Gray connectors do NOT plug in together.
  • Replacement Anderson Plug Cover

    Item Code: #andersonplug
    Availability: 10 In Stock
    Replacement Anderson Plug Covers can be used on sb50 Anderson plugs to keep the wires covered in order to prevent corrosion and damage to the connectors.
  • Find yourself needing a way to have a quick connect and disconnect for your wireless receiver as part of one of our wireless remote controller kits? Buy the Anderson Plug SA50 – 6 Gauge 50 Amp – Housing and 2 Wire...
  • 6ft Replacement Power & Ground Cord

    Item Code: #6powercord
    Availability: 10 In Stock
    6ft Replacement Power & Ground Cord is a 6′ power / ground cord with Anderson plug and dust cover on one end and two 5/16″ eyelets on the other. Commonly used hand in hand with our wireless controller kits for...
  • Ground Relay Kit DC

    Item Code: #GRK
    Availability: 10 In Stock
    Ground Relay Kit DC This kit allows you to change one of the positive outputs of the remote to a ground output. Example – Engine kill switch. This will work with all of our controllers on any momentary function available....

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