12V DC Wireless Remote Control Kits

From tow trucks, to light bars and salt spreaders, Control All Wireless has a wireless conversion kit for any 12V or 24V DC application. Buy complete kits with wireless receivers and wireless transmitters to complete the conversion, starting at $239 and built to last in the USA!

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Wireless Transmitter Options

If you’re impartial to the handheld wireless transmitter, you may opt for a larger wireless transmitter with larger buttons and same functionality

Wireless Tow Lights

Use our universal wireless transmitters and wireless receivers to convert your tow truck lights into wireless tow lights with ease! Choose from momentary and latching circuits.

Wireless Winch

Wireless winch applications are one of the most popular conversions our Control All Wireless transmitters and receiver kits are used for. Any and all 12V or 24V applications.

Wireless Remote Control Switch

For a simple on and off function setup, use our 12V wireless transmitter and wireless receiver kits with one button setups or 2 button wireless remote control setup.

12V DC Wireless

All applications running on an existing 12V or 24V power source can be converted to DC wireless with wireless transmitter and wireless receiver kits.

Wireless Salt Spreaders

Convert your salt spreader into a wireless salt spreader with our wireless transmitter/receiver conversion kits. Tailgate spreaders and Hopper spreaders!

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No more replacing wires and expensive remotes

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