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[kuteshop_custom_heading text=”Welcome to ControlAllWireless” font_container=”tag:h1|font_size:20|text_align:center” custom_heading_custom_id=”kuteshop_custom_css_5ff1461e8b030″ kuteshop_heading_reponsive=”%5B%7B%22screen%22%3A%221366%22%7D%5D” hidden_markup_01=”” ovic_vc_custom_id=”ovic_vc_custom_5ff1461dc1f39″ hidden_markup_desktop=”” hidden_markup_laptop=”” hidden_markup_tablet=”” hidden_markup_ipad=”” hidden_markup_mobile=””][kuteshop_custom_heading text=”From tow trucks, to light bars and salt spreaders, Control All Wireless has a wireless controller conversion kit for any 12V or 24V DC application. Buy complete controller kits with wireless receivers and wireless transmitters to complete the 12V wireless controller conversion, starting at $239 and built to last in the USA!” font_container=”tag:p|text_align:left|color:%23333333″ custom_heading_custom_id=”kuteshop_custom_css_5ff1461e8b038″ kuteshop_heading_reponsive=”%5B%7B%22screen%22%3A%221366%22%2C%22responsive_font_container%22%3A%22text_align%3Aleft%22%7D%5D” hidden_markup_01=”” ovic_vc_custom_id=”ovic_vc_custom_5ff1461dc1f41″ hidden_markup_desktop=”” hidden_markup_laptop=”” hidden_markup_tablet=”” hidden_markup_ipad=”” hidden_markup_mobile=””]

Product Select Wizard Wireless Spreader Match
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Product Select Wizard Wireless Spreader Match
Wireless Remote Control Dump Trailer Kits
Wireless Remote Control Kits for Tow Truck Wrecker
Wireless Lighting and LED Light Wireless Remote Control
Western Tornado Salt Spreader Wireless Controller Conversion Kit
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Wireless Transmitter Receiver Kits from ControlAllWireless

Our wireless remote control kits allow you to easily convert wired controllers to wireless controllers, no matter the application. 12V DC applications no longer need to be controlled with a bulky wired remote. Promote safety and efficiency when you buy any of our wireless controller kits. Our wireless receiver and wireless transmitter control kits work from up to 500ft away, are 100% weather protected, and will replace all of your existing controller functions. From wireless lighting, wireless relays, wireless remote switch, wireless tow truck controllers, wireless salt spreaders, wireless winch remote controls, and more. The possibilities are endless.

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[kuteshop_products productsliststyle=”owl” product_style=”1″ target=”best-selling” per_page=”3″ slide_margin=”30″ owl_ls_items=”3″ owl_lg_items=”3″ owl_sm_items=”3″ owl_margin=”30″ products_custom_id=”kuteshop_custom_css_5ff1461ecf875″ taxonomy=”universal-salt-spreader-wireless-remote-control-conversion-kits”]
[kuteshop_products productsliststyle=”owl” product_style=”1″ target=”best-selling” per_page=”3″ slide_margin=”30″ owl_ls_items=”3″ owl_lg_items=”3″ owl_sm_items=”3″ owl_margin=”30″ products_custom_id=”kuteshop_custom_css_5ff1461ecf879″ taxonomy=”snow-plow-remote”]
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Wireless Tow Truck Light Bar and Trailer Light Bar, magnetic light bar, wireless light bar, tow truck wireless lights, trailer lights wireless

Magnetic Wireless Tow Lights

Looking for wireless tow lights or wireless trailer lights? We not only have you covered with wireless magnetic tow lights but also a huge variety of wireless lighting solutions from 1 function to 15 function wireless controllers.

HOT Seller
[kuteshop_iconbox style=”style2″ title=”Wireless Transmitter Options” text_content=”If you’re impartial to the handheld wireless transmitter, you may opt for a larger wireless transmitter with larger buttons and same functionality” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-gamepad”]
[kuteshop_iconbox style=”style2″ title=”Wireless Tow Lights” text_content=”Use our universal wireless transmitters and wireless receivers to convert your tow truck lights into wireless tow lights with ease! Choose from momentary and latching circuits.” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-lightbulb-o”]
[kuteshop_iconbox style=”style2″ title=”Wireless Winch Controls” text_content=”Wireless winch applications are one of the most popular conversions our Control All Wireless transmitters and receiver kits are used for. Any and all 12V or 24V applications.” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-bolt”]
[kuteshop_iconbox style=”style2″ title=”Wireless Controller Switch” text_content=”For a simple on and off function setup, use our 12V wireless transmitter and wireless receiver kits with one button setups or 2 button wireless remote control setup.” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-unlock”]
[kuteshop_iconbox style=”style2″ title=”12V DC Wireless” text_content=”All applications running on an existing 12V or 24V power source can be converted to DC wireless with wireless transmitter and wireless receiver kits.” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-podcast”]
[kuteshop_iconbox style=”style2″ title=”Wireless Salt Spreaders” text_content=”Convert your salt spreader into a wireless salt spreader with our wireless transmitter/receiver conversion kits. Tailgate spreaders and Hopper spreaders!” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-snowflake-o”]
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Universal 12V DC Wireless Controllers, 15 Button Wireless, Tow Truck Wireless, Wireless controller for Tow Trucks, 15 function wireless controller

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