Single DC Electric Salt Spreader Wireless Controls help take your ice management business to the next level with the most efficient solution that allows you to not only control your spreader from up to 500 feet away, but also move it from truck to truck without the need to wire up additional vehicles. Universal wireless remote controllers for salt spreaders that are operated with a single DC electric motor such as most tailgate salt spreaders and some hopper salt spreaders on the market today. Our 6000DCKIT wireless remote is a direct replacement for the Meyer Wireless remote control kit as well. Use our kit in place of Meyer Part # 63930, Swenson wireless remote controls and any other Salt Spreader Wireless Remote on the market. With the new and improved 6000DCKIT, you can now control your vibrator or additional auxiliary function such as a spreader light from the same handheld wireless controller, only from SnowplowsPlus!