Tow Truck Wireless Remote Control kits to replace all of your existing functions found on your tow truck, no matter if they are latching or momentary, with a rugged and durable wireless remote control with 15 functions and up to 500 feet of connectivity radius. Tow Truck Wireless lights and light bars and also available from Control All Wireless.
Replace all of your existing Tow Truck Control functions with our Control All Wireless Tow Truck Wireless Remote Control Kits. Now you can cut the cords and wiring harness from your tow truck and replace it with a wireless remote control setup for less than the cost of a wired controller from the manufacturer. You can even use our wireless for all of your Tow Light wireless solutions. As long as your equipment is operated by a 12V or 24V DC motor, you can make it wireless. From wireless tow lights to the actual Tow truck remote itself. Control All Wireless is your Tow Truck wireless provider for all of your towing wireless needs.

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