650DCKEYFOB – Replacement Wireless Remote Control Transmitter for Dual Motor Spreaders 650DC


The 650DCKEYFOB replacement wireless controller transmitter is used with our 650DCKIT in order to convert salt spreaders with dual motors to wireless remote controlled functions. Only buy this transmitter if you have already transitioned to wireless controls on your dual motor salt spreader. If not, please check out our 650DCKIT for everything you need to complete the wireless conversion.

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650DCKEYFOB – Replacement Wireless FR Transmitter KeyFob for 650DC Kit

Salt Spreader Wireless Transmitter KeyFob Specifications

Part # 650DCKEYFOB is the replacement wireless transmitter from the 650DC Salt Spreader Wireless Controller Kit sold by ControlAllWireless and SnowPlowsPlus.

  • Operational range of up to 100 feet from wireless transmitter to wireless receiver.
  • Instant wireless receiver activation to wireless DC receiver.
  • 1 in 16 million address combinations ensure you can have many wireless transmitters added to each receiver if needed.
  • Up to twenty wireless 650DCKEYFOB transmitters can be paired to a single 650DC wireless receiver.
  • Wholesale discounts available.
  • Used commonly for wireless salt spreaders such as Western spreaders, Boss, SaltDogg, Meyer, Hiniker, Snow-Way, Snow-Ex, Blizzard, Fisher, and any other dual motor DC electric salt spreaders.

650DCKEYFOB Wireless Transmitter KeyFob for 650DC Salt Spreader Wireless Kit

Buy this replacement 650DCKEYFOB wireless transmitter keyfob only if you’ve already purchased one of our 650DC wireless remote control kits such as the 650DC1 or 650DCKIT. This is the wireless transmitter portion of those kits and will not come with the rest of the wireless conversion kit such as the receiver or any wiring.  650DC spreader wireless transmitter’s have a red or blue ring on the antenna. All of the newer 650DC kits purchased within the past 4 years will have the blue. Purchases made previous to that will need to verify which color ring they have on their old wireless transmitter antenna. Easy activation into your existing 650DC wireless remote control kits on your existing salt spreader with a simple pair with your wireless receiver which takes a few seconds.

625DC Wireless Controller Transmitter KeyFob
Weight0.5 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in
Motor Type

Dual Electric Motors



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