Wireless Remote Controlled Cranes and Hoists

wireless remote control crane

Wireless Remote Controlled Cranes and Hoists

You read that title right. No more will you need to control your crane or boom from a large and bulky wired remote which holds you in one spot.  With our wireless remote control units you can replace that old wired remote with a wireless remote with up to 500 feet radius connection.  Easy connection on all existing 12v powered and operated cranes coming with options from 1 button to 15 button remotes.

No matter the crane you currently operate, our wireless remote controls can handle it as long as it is operated by a 12v battery. The larger 15 function remotes allow for you to easily replace all of our existing functions from your current controller with our wireless remote control.

You name the function and our remotes can replicate it on a wireless radio frequency with a 1 and 20 million connection which means you can have many applications close by without any interference.  All of our remotes are covered by a 1 year warranty.

You’ll love the overall build of our wireless controllers including the weather potted receivers which are able to withstand the elements from rain, snow and even sub-zero icy conditions ensuring once you start the job you can finish, in any condition. Our remotes fit in the palm of your hand (we also carry large remotes if that is your preference), and come with a boot and lanyard for extra protection to the transmitter.

Check out our multi-functioned remotes now to find more in depth information as to how we can help control your crane with a wireless remote control via radio frequency!


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