Go Wireless With Your Swenson, Meyer or Hiniker Spreader

Go Wireless With Your Swenson, Meyer or Hiniker Spreader

Make Your Swenson, Meyer, or Hiniker Spreader Wireless with the help of ControlAllWireless. The remote that comes with these is a wired remote and pretty large and hard to control while driving at times.  With the universal remote control setup from ControlAllWireless will provide you with a seamless transition to wireless while replacing your existing remote control system for any Swenson, Meyer, Hiniker, or any other brand of spreader.

Even with the existing Swenson wireless remote controls, which mirror our design, can be replaced with our unit for $200 less than the cost of a wired remote.

Literally, any and all existing salt or sand spreaders can be easily converted to wireless with our universal wireless remote control units.  All units come with installation instructions as well as support from our team of professionals and engineer team.  We stand by our wireless remotes and you will see right away why we stand above the rest with our 100% connection rate. No more spotty wireless connections.

Coming with a 1 year warranty, our wireless remote control units are easy to install on existing spreaders including the Salt Dogg SHPE2000. You can count on a connection without any interruptions from up to 500 feet away.  The system is encased in a weather podding in order to survive and protect against any weather conditions no matter how cold, icy or wet it gets.