Ebling Back Blade Plow Wireless Controller Conversion Kit


This is a game changer for those of you with an Ebling Back Blade snow plow. Together with ControlAllWireless.com, we’ve teamed up to build a wireless controller kit solution for your Ebling Back Blade. Gone are the days of using that huge, bulky, and confusing joystick controller. Instead you can control your entire back blade from our wireless handheld controller. All of the same functions from the joystick that you grew to love can now be controlled in the palm of your hand. From wing extensions and wing retractions, to blade up and blade down. You can do it all from a seamless RF wireless controller without any hiccups, interruptions, break-downs, or running wires all over your truck. Rip out the existing wires and Ebling joystick control, install your new wireless kit and never look back. You’ll be wondering why our wireless controllers don’t come standard.

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Wireless Controller Kit for Ebling Back Blade Snow Plow

Sick of that bulky controller on your Ebling Back Blade Plow? You’re in luck. For 1/3 of the cost of a new OEM Ebling controller and wiring you can now convert your entire operation to be controlled from the palm of your hand from a wireless keyfob remote controller. Our engineers have mastered the wireless industry when it comes to heavy-duty equipment, with over 15 years in the wireless controller business we have wireless controllers for everything from tow trucks and cranes, to salt spreaders, snow plows and everything in between. Now, we’ve solved a problem that many have had issues with in the bulky joystick control that’s found on all Ebling Back Blades. In less than 30 minutes, you could have all of your existing wiring and controller pulled off your blade and vehicle, and your new wireless controller installed on your Ebling Back Blade.

All of the Same Functions, But Wireless

The Ebling Back Blade is a game changer. We love it at SnowplowsPlus and our customers love them too. With that being said, the controller system can be tricky to learn, especially for those that have only plowed with a handheld controller and have never touched a joystick before. The Ebling back blade joystick controller is huge, bulky and all of the wires that come off of it and through your truck cab are an eye soar to say the least. With a few quick and easy steps you’ll be able to convert all of those same great functions you’ve come to love on your Ebling Back Blade including the ability to control each wing independently, in the palm of your hand from your new wireless handheld controller. In order to complete your installation and conversion to wireless, you’ll receive the following with your wireless controller kit:

  • Wireless transmitter with boot and lanyard
  • Receiver with fly in leads
  • Connectors
  • Power Cord (Plow-Side)
  • Power Cord (Truck-Side)
  • Breaker
  • 10-Amp Fuse Link
  • Solenoid

So, How Does This Work?

It’s simple, we’ve already completely all of the programming of the board within the wireless receiver to help communicate with your Ebling plow, from there all you have to do is rip out all of your existing Ebling Back Blade wiring and the OEM controller. You won’t be needing that any longer. Follow the instructions for installation found in the manual included with your purchase (also located at the bottom of this page), and away you go. The 8-button handheld keyfob transmitter (wireless controller) will then communicate via RF and provide a constant connection to your plow (when your truck is powered on) without any interruptions. Don’t think of a wireless internet connection that’s spotty in certain parts of your house. This is a wireless RF transmission, which means it would provide a constant UN-interrupted connection at all times from much further away than just your vehicle’s cab. They are rated for up to 500 feet away, but there’s no reason for that.

Controller Functions:

  • Button 1 – Down
  • Button 3 – Up
  • Button 2 – Both wings retract
  • Button 4 – Both wings extend
  • Button 7 – Driver’s side wing extend
  • Button 5 – Driver’s side wing retract
  • Button 8 – Passenger side wing extend
  • Button 6 – Passenger side wing retract
Weight11 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 8 in


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