Universal Wireless Control Tree Spades Promote Safety

Universal Wireless Control Tree Spades Promote Safety

Universal Wireless Control Tree Spades Promote Safety

When uprooting trees with a Tree Spade, being able to stand back a bit to get a better look at the overall operation can be very beneficial to you.  With ControlAllWireless, you can replace your existing wired controller which came with your Tree Spade with one of our universal wireless remote control units. In less than 30 minutes you can be up and operational from up to 500 feet away with the exact same controls you enjoyed previous

Our remote control is heavy duty, but small enough to fit in your hand and to be operated with only one hand.  Overall, the unit wires into your existing tree spade and is weather potted to withstand anything you throw at it. We back that up with a one year warranty free replacement of your unit if you have any issues during use.

Wireless remote controllers are operated via a RF radio frequency and pairs on a 1 and 1,000,000 connection, meaning you can have multiple units next to each other without the fear of interacting with each other.  If you are in need of a simply on/off for the system our 1 button or 2 button remotes are perfect fo rthe job and start at $200 for the complete system. If you have other functions you’d like to add to the system such as auxillary lights or other accessories, our 4 and 8 button remotes may be the best option for you to provide the greatest efficiency factor for you and your application.

As long as your tree spade is operated via a 12v motor, our remote system will work. The make and model of the tree spade overall won’t make a difference and our units can be installed quick, fast and in a hurry. So if your old controls are faulty or broken, or you would just rather enjoy wireless controlled tree spades, ControlAllWireless.com has your back.


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