Tow Truck Wireless Remote Control System

Tow Truck Wireless Remote Control System

Wireless Innovations for Tow Trucks

Our newest product lineup includes a variety of wireless remote control systems for Tow Trucks. Our units operate on any Tow Truck which is operated by a 12V battery, which is 99.9% of them on the market today. Switch out your current wired remote control for your tow truck fleet and replace with a Control All Wireless Tow Truck Wireless Remote Control System in as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Easy to install on existing Tow Trucks with our installation and troubleshooting guide which comes with each unit. Weather potted units allow for your wireless unit to be mounted outside and in the elements including subzero temperatures. The remotes used are large remotes allowing you to press the buttons even in the dead of winter with gloves on.  Each remote has 15 usable functions with some remotes being completely momentary and others being mixed with double pull functions, momentary functions, and latching functions. Latching functions allow you to press the button once in order to activate the function, such as lifting or moving the jib, and then pressing the button again to release the function and stop. Momentary buttons are activated only while they are held down.

15 function remote control, 15 FUNCTION WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL KIT

Each and every function you currently have on your tow truck wired remote controller can be replicated on our wireless units including, but not limited to: booms, wheel lift clamp and release, auger, lights, stabilizer legs, spades, bed tilt, extend and retract, engine start, stop, gates open and close and more.

Tow Truck Wireless Remote Control which allows you to setup the remote any way you want. For tow trucks, flat beds wheel lifts.


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