Wireless Remote Controlled Van Wheel Chair Ramps

Wireless Remote Controlled Van Wheel Chair Ramps

Now with the help of our 12v DC wireless remote control system, you can retrofit your existing wheel chair ramp and replace your wired controller with one of our wireless units. Control all of the functions you already have with the efficiency of wireless easily with our simple installation instructions. Up and running with a universal wireless remote control system with up to 500 feet of wireless technology in minutes.

Whether the lift is an under van lift or a lift which opens through the van doors, our units can wireless remotes handle it. Big or small, no job stands in the way of our wireless units. With the help of wireless on a van wheel chair ramp, you may carry the small remote with you like you would your car keys.

Add onto the remote functions if you have other needs such as opening the van doors and closing them are also available with our remote system and easy installation. If anything goes wrong with the device within the first year, we will replace it at our cost.

Bulk ordering is available at discount and our one function units start at $200. Feel free to ask any questions and check out full specifications on each product page.